Navigating Mobile Health, part 4 of 4 Now for a more provoking, mind-teasing question. The assumption underlying most discussions on health and healthcare is that the fundamental problem lies in poor health and/or a sub-optimal healthcare system. Hence, these are the problems the industry is trying to solve by tackling them head-on. Going out on […]

Navigating Mobile Health, part 3 of 4 Mobile health solutions are by design meant to make the world a healthier place. There’s only one problem: the current users of these services are overwhelmingly the already healthy people – the dedicated athletes, the conscious eaters, the “Quantified Selfers” etc. – who are by default not the […]

Navigating Mobile Health, part 2 of 4 Research shows that data alone can in some cases lead to positive results. For example, a weight-loss program including daily weighing had participants lose 20-30% more weight compared to a control group. Why? Seeing the effect in weight provides an immediate “reward”. It gives us a real reason […]

Navigating Mobile Health, part 1 of 4 At the conclusion of the annual mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. in December 2013 a unique group of international entrepreneurs, investors, a physician and a professor gathered to ask some fundamental questions about the evolution of healthcare and mobility. What do you get when you ask these people […]


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